Starlight Ritual - Sealed in Starlight LP (Digital Album)

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It's been a tenacious and favorable journey so far! As promised since day one, we finally delivered the goods: the first full-length Starlight Ritual album. What you are listening to is the culmination of eight years of blood, sweat and iron tears. We set our souls on fire to forge a rock n' roll blade of the upmost quality for you to wield. Do so with honor or be prepared to stand and deliver.

Please note this digital release is available on the Starlight Ritual bandcamp.

Physical copies of the record as well as vinyls are available via our label @

released June 2, 2021

Lyrics & Vocal melodies : Damian Ritual
Guitars : JF Bertrand & Dan Toupin
Bass : Mat Forge
Drums : Lou Weed
Musical arrangements : Starlight Ritual
Guitars & Bass recorded @ SLR HQ spring 2020

Drums & Vocals recording, mixing & mastering by Xavier Berthiaume @ Studio Tehom, 2020.

Cover art barbarically provided by Chris Underheimar.
all rights reserved